Wellness Incentives Save UnitedHealthCare Millions

By Welltok Marketing

According to a recent FierceHealthPayer article - the U.S healthcare system could prevent 80 percent of all heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and up to 40 percent of all cancer by getting people to eat better, exercise more and stop smoking. These astonishing statistics justifies why payers (and healthcare in general) are shifting their focus to prevention and health & wellness initiatives.

In the first 3 years of implementing an “internal health incentives program”, Welltok client, UnitedHealthCare (UHC), reported a $107 million savings in healthcare cost.

An exclusive interview with Robyn Harmon, MSPH, Health Strategies Consultant for UnitedHealthcare – discusses how UHC is using incentives and rewards to promote healthy behaviors among their employee and member populations. UHC has had great success with drive consumer engagement with our very own CaféWell Health Optimization Platform.

“UnitedHealthcare’s goal is to help all Coloradoans live healthier lives through innovative programs and incentives. The partnership with CaféWell offers employees an exciting way to make healthy choices as part of their everyday lives. Our members have access to personalized health activities that help motivate them, give them opportunities to participate individually or with the support of family and friends, and they can be rewarded for being active and engaged in their health.” - Robyn Harmon, UnitedHealthCare

Learn more about UnitedHealthCare’s road to wellness and health cost savings and read the full interview published in FierceHealthPayer here.