Welltok Solutions: The Multi-Hyphenate You Want in Your Corner

By Welltok Marketing

What do JLo, The Rock, Martha Stewart and Welltok have in common? We’re all multi-hyphenates (someone who does several different jobs) with our best performance guaranteed. When you find a vendor who can do it all for you, you know you’ve struck gold. This is where Welltok excels, from our massive consumer database and predictive analytics, to our multi-channel outreach capabilities, we’re your one-stop-shop for reaching and activating consumers.

Putting data and technology to work for a purpose — improving people’s health and wellbeing — is a passion of ours at Welltok. It’s also something we’re (humble brag) particularly good at. That’s why we’re not surprised but very honored to share that our health analytics were recently validated, for the 6th year in a row, by Validation Institute.

Validation Institute is an independent, objective third-party that qualifies companies and approaches that deliver better health value. Receiving three validations tied to performance guarantees, Validation Institute recognizes the value of Welltok’s consumer activation solutions and how they stand apart from others on the market:

  • Welltok’s health analytics, which serve as the foundation for all of its activation solutions, received validation for its predictive modeling efficacy. Over the past decade, Welltok has curated a database of 275 million lives and over 1,000 predictive variables, including social determinants of health like food security, financial stability, household composition, job status and more. Welltok’s superior data and analytics can predict with up to 90% accuracy individual needs and intent, which are proven to drive completion of more healthcare and wellbeing actions by better understanding and anticipating people’s needs, behaviors and preferences.

  • SmartReach™ for Medication Adherence was validated for driving better health outcomes by increasing medication adherence among the targeted population. With at least 50% of patients with chronic health conditions skipping medications or not refilling, many organizations are seeking effective ways to increase compliance. Welltok has the data, outreach capabilities and expertise to reach people with the right message. The company’s Medication Adherence solution delivers automated reminders, promotes use of generics, educates on mail order options and more.

  • CaféWell total wellbeing platform was validated for driving healthcare savings, with users having lower monthly medical costs than similar non-users. The platform connects individuals with personalized resources, incentives and information, which support daily living and promote best actions. For example, by proactively educating members about appropriate use of the emergency room Welltok was able to reduce associated costs by over 10% annually.

“This independent review certifies that the predictive models built into our solutions are superior in the industry and deliver results that our clients will not receive anywhere else,” said Phil Fiero, chief analytics officer for Welltok.

Interested in learning more about what validation means and the value it delivers? Read the full press release here or register to join our live conversation with Validation Institute on Nov 9.

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