Welltok’s Brand New Vibe

By Welltok Marketing

It’s been a doozy of a year for all of us, but the challenges 2020 has raised are only reinforcing Welltok’s purpose: to drive actions that improve peoples’ total wellbeing. To emphasize our passion around this mission, you may have noticed a new look and feel that matches the energy that we are putting behind helping you and your consumers not just survive, but thrive.

Join our health activation movement with this refreshed brand, messaging and spirit! Check out some highlights below.

Who is Welltok? Check it out in our new 1-minute Welltok overview video. Grooving and dancing along is welcomed:

HubSpot Video


What’s this new look and feel we mentioned? See for yourself on our new website!

Our new site is all about how we drive actions (aka our secret sauce) and the value we provide to our clients, partners and millions of consumers we engage with on their behalf. Can you feel the excitement jump off the pages? We hope you enjoy the splashes of color!

Website screenshot-1

What solutions do we have to meet your evolving needs? Dive into them here!

We’re focused on helping you solve the most important problems and not only engage, but also activate your population. Our smart mix of technology, multi-channel communications (9 total!), ecosystem partners and experts are here for you to explore.

Medication Adherence screenshotHow do we drive action? Find out here!

Getting people to take action is more challenging than ever, and traditional methods won't cut it. Here at Welltok, we're already experts at driving engagement, actions and outcomes using multi-channel communications. Let us show you how we're the industry leader at motivating individuals to take action.

How we drive action

What have we done in 2020 to better support our partners and clients? Learn more here!

We've added more Connect Partners and helped our clients engage with their members more effectively than ever before, even as the industry and needs have shifted. As you've worked to navigate new landscapes, we've been right there alongside you.

Press release screenshot

Let’s embark together to make the second half of 2020 a resounding success as we work to drive actions, increase connectivity and improve wellbeing in your communities.