October Was a Fun Cheat Month, but We’re Managing Diabetes All Wrong

By Welltok Marketing

Are you still reeling from the sugar IV drip that is Halloween? We hear you, and we know how hard the rest of the year is going to be (don’t get us started on eggnog). That’s why we’re here to help you and your population set continue good habits going into the holiday season. With relevant nutrition and activity campaigns, and hand-selected Connect Partners designed to help prevent, manage and reverse diabetes, Welltok offers solutions that your population needs – and that your business will benefit from.

Diabetes is Costing Us, Big Time

In 2017, the CDC reported indirect costs of diabetes alone were almost $90 billion (with a B!), including:

    • Increased absenteeism: $3.3 billion
    • Reduced productivity while at work for the employed population: $26.9 billion
    • Inability to work because of disease-related disability: $2.3 billion
    • Reduced productivity for those not in the labor force: $37.5 billion
    • Lost productivity due to 277,000 premature deaths attributed to diabetes: $19.9 billion
    • Direct costs including hospitalization, medical care, treatment and supplies, and other costs accounted for an additional $237 billion. 

It’s Time for New Approaches to Manage Diabetes

These costs affect all of us, so, what can you do to bend the curve? Here are three recommendations from Welltok’s engagement experts :

1. Deliver engaging and rewardable content that educates individuals at risk for or managing diabetes, like:

    • Webinars hosted by certified coaches on topics like Diabetes 101, self-care tips, what to ask your doctor, and more
    • Video modules and quizzes

2. Implement multi-channel, multi-cycle marketing efforts to drive prevention or management behaviors:

    • It takes around two months for a new behavior to become automatic, so communicating with your population during their transformation is the key to their success
    • Different individuals prefer different channels –like text, email, or phone calls. Use predictive and advanced health analytics to understand how each person wants to engage with your content and if they are likely to respond and take action based on your outreach
    • Don’t rely on a one-and-done outreach; one client boosted reach from 64% on their first cycle to 85% with two cycles and 98% with their third cycle

3. Integrate any of our existing partners from Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem to help with specific diabetes needs, including:

    • Canary Health, a CDC-recognized solution that provides tools, skills, and coaching support to help prevent diabetes and lose weight
    • Livongo, a personalized experience to help develop healthy lifestyle habits, manage blood sugar, and improve glycemic control
    • Omada, a holistic solution with multiple programs to address chronic conditions, including diabetes management and prevention
    • Virta Health, the first and only medical treatment clinically proven to reverse type 2 diabetes
    • WW for Diabetes, a program to help people with type 2 diabetes lose weight and better manage blood sugar levels
    • Yes Health, a solution that provides healthy lifestyle programs designed to prevent chronic disease, such as diabetes

Welltok’s SmartReach™ solutions and Connect Partner Ecosystem can help you implement all three of these recommendations. Want to learn more? Let’s talk.  

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