What You Don't Know About "Jack" Can Hurt Your Programs (webinar replay)

By Welltok Marketing

Hundreds of senior executives acknowledged that they don't know Jack - at least as well as they could - by tuning in to one of AHIP’s most popular webinars of the year.

Jeff Margolis, chairman and CEO of Welltok, and Chris Coloian, founder of Predilytics, provided deep insights and specific examples of how advanced analytics can help population health managers gain deeper consumer insights and predict behaviors.

Consumers, like Jack, are more than just a medical specimen. By understanding Jack as an holistic individual, you can drive engagement and targeted behavior change. Here are 3 things every population health manager should know about using advanced analytics in healthcare:  

  • You don't know Jack: Medical claims and clinical based records only tell 10% of the story and are insufficient in painting a complete picture of Jack. Fortunately, consumers like Jack tell us about themselves long before they interact with the healthcare industry. By combining data from healthcare and consumer sources, you can understand Jack and personalize his experience in a way that creates value for him and the healthcare system. 
  • You can't do jack if it isn't about Jack: Getting to know Jack is what provides actionable insights into his personal motivations, needs and  incentives that trigger action - things that are mission critical to help Jack improve his health status. 
  • Don't jack it up: It’s important to understand the difference between good vs. great analytics and proper application of the data. It’s also critical to avoid the “big brother” factor and keep it safe, secure and anonymous for consumers.    

Don’t miss out on more Jack puns and learn how about the necessity of an analytics-driven consumer platform. Click here to access the free webinar replay.