What's Keeping Your CEO Up at Night

By Welltok Marketing

From skyrocketing costs to Obamacare, it’s no surprise your CEO has a lot on their minds.

One of the newer topics we discussed with CEOs at an invite-only AHIP event this week is the growing pressure on the healthcare industry to deliver a personalized consumer experience in a scalable way.

Health plans are now expected to build a relationship with their members at an individual level, which is vastly different than the transactional model of years past. This degree of personalization cannot be achieved with legacy enterprise platforms, which begs the question of building a new enterprise platform from scratch or partnering with a leading consumer platform company.

We’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this as well, and recently published a new guide with key considerations for the build vs partner debate, including

  • Speed to market
  • Consumer expertise
  • Personalization  

Check out the other 3 factors and get briefed on a topic your CEO is talking about.